APPETIZERS By Spyros Peter Goudas 2017

This segment is from Mr. Goudas Recipes web 

Dear friends:

Sometimes it is sad to talk about appetizers when in parts of the world there are people starving.

I have seen a lot in my life, and I involved personally anything from

Tsunami Disasters,
Earthquakes in Haiti,
Hurricane Gilbert in Jamaica,
Floods in Pakistan
Children in need of food in Peru and Cuba
Hurricane Ivan in Grenada
Typhoon Haiyan Yolanda in the Philippines
Earthquake in Ecuador
Poor and underprivileged,
Food banks and homeless

Homeless in our city, extra food needs for the Senior Citizens Homes and Philanthropic Association, to mention only a few. 

You may read for all the above and more in the
Letters of Appreciation which arrived at me over the years.

I am Saddened! Saddened, to write recipes for appetizers, which seems to me so excessive.

Nevertheless, Appetizers are a part of daily life, they are here to stay and are important to a certain segment of society.

However, should I see someone more than 250 or 300 lbs and he/she asks for appetizers, I definitely would give them a complimentary black eye and the book titled, Overweight, Highway to a Healthy Life, which I wrote and from the feedback I have received, this book has become like a Bible to some people.

There are some exceptions to the above statement since some people may not have control over their weight gain due to malfunctioning glands or medical issues.

Please note: I am not simply writing books or articles, I am portraying life experiences.

Sincerely, Spyros Peter Goudas  Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας


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