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Feb 15, 2014

Caregivers Resource and Development (CRDP) 2014

Caregivers Resource and Development (CRDP) 2014

Article written by Spyros Peter Goudas about 
Caregivers Resource and Development Program (CRDP)

Mount Zion Seventh Day Adventist Church

I Spyros Peter Goudas give substantial support to numerous institutions, organisations, associations, disaster relief efforts and churches irrespective of its members affiliations, colour, ethnic background, race or religious persuasion. 

My association with Mount Zion Filipino Seventh Day Adventist is no different from association with various other foundations, charities and organisations and as such must not be interpreted as a specific inclination towards this religious belief system. 

Should you view the letters of appreciation on Mr Spyros Peter Goudas website you will find evidence of my involvement with various religious and non religious organisations, provided you have enough time to read them.          

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